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Tooth decorationThe new fashion epoch brings plentiful trends in clothing, piercing, body-art, and also brand new, bright and exciting, fads like tooth decoration. All variety of decorations is made of precious and semiprecious metals approved for use in dentistry by the Ministry of Health and confirmed by quality control.

To match the surface of the intended tooth perfectly well, the decoration may vary in size. The pasting does not result in damage of surface enamel. By contrast, that’s a kind of protective mask which may be a right solution for enamel defects.

The decoration is pasted with special glue which is absolutely safe in terms of hygiene. Specific shape makes the decoration completely impalpable and adjunct to prevent food sticking. Average service life of a decoration is about two weeks. When have enough of it your dentist will delicately remove the item. Do not try to do it yourself, you may damage the tooth.

There are no contraindications for tooth decoration procedure because it is completely safe. Nowadays, this service is offered by premium class clinics only, but over the next while the decoration is going to be performed by any dental clinic.

Due to variety of shapes and size of decoration you can always be all the fashion and steal the spotlight.


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