Opening hours: from 08.00 to 21.00

Dental clinic “Absolut Clinic” is a modern dental health care institution which provides the whole range of dental services and uses the most advances equipment by world leading manufacturers. The clinic has an advantage of prime location (31, Andriy Malyshko str., Chernihivska metro station), so you can easily find it wherever you start from. The clinic is within a stone through from Boryspil, Brovary, and Bortnychi village. Do you know where Central Store Darnytsia is? Kharkivskyi, Lisnyi, Troeshchyna residential areas, Paton’s bridge, Perov avenue, Predslavynska street are just a short distance away. It is very convenient to drive or walk from Darnytsia or Chernihivska metro stations. 

Among our customs are not only adults but also kids. For their special benefit, we provide such services as silver impregnation, extraction of primary dentition, glass-ionomer cement filling, and apparatus orthodontic correction of occlusion (up to 16 years old). You can also get a professional opinion from orthodontist and periodentist at our clinic, or solve any other dental trouble. Our dentists make light curing filling or implantation. To ease the pain and to rid of your fear, we use effective high quality anesthesia. The clinic also offers professional tooth cleaning and stylish decor for your teeth. Is whitening or restoration required? With your clinic, these are going to be smooth sailing. Dentists of Absolut Clinic clinic will place a crown, match and fix a denture or a micro-denture implant, perform splinting and filling, and do their best so that you could be proud of your smile. Have any problems with dental occlusion or snagged teeth? Rely on us and make sure that competently selected braces shall definitely correct that. You will certainly get rid of tooth sensitivity in consequence of the management by our highly sophisticated dentist. 

It names just a few from the whole range of our dental services. Please, go to “Price list” for complete list and prices. To view the results obtained from successful treatment in our patients, please, go to “Gallery”. For the relevant helpful information, go to “Features”. Find the answers on frequently asked questions at “F.A.Q”. Go to “Contacts” for clinic address, telephone, map and enquiry form to get in touch with us quickly. If concerned, you may get a discount coupon with perceived reduction from the website. Dental clinic “Absolut Clinic” readily partners with all insurance companies. As we care for and think highly of our patients we always recommend making a visit to dentist at least twice a year. Routine examination is very important and should not be disregarded. That is the only way to prevent the development of periodontal diseases and take timely measures to remove the nasty symptoms and dental discomfort. 

For “Absolut Clinic” clinic, it is not the first year of practice at Ukrainian market of dental services. It uses the latest technologies and finds individual solutions for each patient. Due to all above you will feel comfortable when served by our clinic. Smile in good health!